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The most typically questions put by our clients

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Do you service apartments too?

We only service houses/ properties as our expertise includes the service and maintenance in these fields.

We need new curtains?

We cooperate with an interior decorator and she can advice the best solution for you and your home.

MY Sister stays in the house for 1 week

If you have visitors in your house and need cleaning we can organise cleaning in your house so it is ready for your next visit.

is our palm trees part of our contract?

If you have a property service agreement with us your garden and palm trees will be surveyed by our garden team. If a palm tree needs a cut or has a special need we will notify you for our recommendations. Our garden team also provides spraying and cutting palm trees. This is part of our service to make sure that your property is serviced professionally.

How do you keep our key

Your key is kept securely locked with us under a client number. The clients number is only known by us to keep name and other data separately from the key. If you loose your key during your stay in your house you can call us anytime.

The alarm turned on

If you have signed a service agreement you can call us anytime or the alarm company can call us and we will inform of further action. If we know the code we will make sure it is turned off and we will observe for anything not normal in your property.

Our car needs a service

If your car needs service we can bring it to service so your car is ready for your arrival. Please inform us if you like your car to be cleaned before your arrival as well.

When we arrive late night

Some clients travel a long way and with late arrivals it is nice to have some food, snacks and water ready on arrival. Please let us know your favorites and we will make sure it is delivered to your house.

Who cleans our house?

Our maids are skilled in cleaning. We work with a group of maids and normally they work two in a large house. We train and motivate our staff and have a close relation to the maids and the work they carry out in the homes of our clients.

Can we call you for minor repairs

Sure and normally a minor repair will be notified to the owner of the property on the weekly visits. We search and negotiate with suppliers for the best solution for a repair to be made. We survey the work and send you photos all along so you are informed.

we are selling our property

Some clients buy another property and will sell their other house. During a sale a house has to look and appear at its best which we can help with. If you have presentations we normally go to your house an extra time to make sure everything looks good.

We want to to a refurbishment?

During any refurbishment you may ask us to be your project manager. We keep track of the meetings, the work and we will let you know all along with a status, calls and photos to let you know how your refurbishment is going on. We have the key for your house and can let people in and out.