Mallorca house service


Servicing your home is our passion

Services for your home

Your home needs a frequent check for general maintenance. We are your ears and eyes when you are not on the island. 


A generel check of the property and its presentation is always done during our weekly or monthly check.

If special cleaning is needed this can be done by our team of professionals.

Outside and in-side.

linnen service

If your home needs linnen, towel, washing service we pick it up and deliver it to your home 1-2 days after.

key guardian service

If the keys are lost or if your guests lock themselves out of the property, they can contact our ‘24 hr emergency service’ for assistance, if you choose this option among our services.

one point of contact

We also assist in co-ordinating works carried out by professionals of your choice and act as the single point of contact for the project to be carried out to your expectations. 

Whenever your home needs refurbishment, repairs or other. 

Photos of your home

Some clients choose a drone video of their home or professional photos. 

property maintenance

Some homes require an immediate maintenance service for an issue affecting the home inside or out. For minor repairs we carry out the service ourselves. If a larger repair is needed or an expert is needed, we co-operate with local professional plumbers and electricians etc. 

garden service

The gardener will inspect your garden and survey the trees, lawn, flowers and bushes as part of the service agreement. Any extra work in the garden can easily be undertaken and is added to the agreement upon your approval.

guests for dinner

We have various possibilities of creating a dinner, setting the table and serving the food with your own chef preparing the food in your own home.


buying new home

If you are looking for a new home we can direct you to the real estate companies on the island and professional contacts who has got your future home in their portfolio. We can inform you of news and updates of the market situation. 

our service agreements

Any service agreement should suit the needs of your property. We do a property-check on your home with you personally to determine your needs.

Monthly - seasonal or annually 

Most of our clients have a seasonal or yearly service agreement, which includes a large selection of services based on the needs of the house and client. Any additional services are charged at a fixed hourly rate or quoted on request by our skilled team with expertise in the requested fields.

Moving ?

We can offer a moving team to assist in moving as well as a list of moving companies with expertise from Mallorca

pool service

A standard check on the water, water-level and filter is part of the agreement.

Standard cleaning, vacuuming, water, chlorine and salt control is done. Minor repairs is additional and agreed and approved by you.

selling your property 

If you are selling your property, we can provide professional guidance, assisting your property to look at its best both inside and out. We can present your property to the relevant partners helping you to sell your home.

home inspection

The checklist of inspection is made in accordance with the specific needs of your home. We keep detailed logs of every home and time we spend on the property approved by the client in the service agreement.  We support the log report with a minimum of 3 photos taken at your property inside or out confirmed by you. The log report and photos are sent electronically to you, the private owner of the property.

your guarantee

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients is very important. Our processes relate to the European Act of Protection of Personnel Data and prior to any service agreement both the client and Mallorca House Service receives a written  notice of acknowledgement of receipt of privacy practices.

Food shopping

We offer a little, medium or large bag of selected food and beverages of your choice on the the day you or your guests arrive.